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zondag 18 september 2011

Howto : Get Guitar Motivation !

We all have been there, the time that the guitar doesn't seem to appeal you for a while, Though you
played all those years guitar, some days can be frustrating, So....

How to motivate yourself to pick up the guitar again.

step 1 : Go to a concert of a kickass band, It can be any band. They will show you the
love you had for your guitar.

step 2: Listen to music that you normally wouldn't listen, and I don't mean Lady Gaga or something but the same genre as you normally would listen , only other band for a fresh inspirational mind.

step 3 : Get your ass over to youtube to watch some extreme guitar videos ( seriously, no dragonforce )

step 4 : When you finally made it to pick up the guitar again , go find some people or a band to play with , this makes it even more fun . You can set goals for the future.

And rock harder then before !

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