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maandag 2 januari 2012

Gear : Ibanez rg550

As long as we know it we are searching for the ultimate baddest metal guitar. Too bad we poor musicians don't have a lot of money so here is the solution : The Ibanez Rg550.

Originally from 1987 de Rg series made its entry into the Ibanez series. It were the middle-class guitars for the people that thought that the jem was too expensive or the lowerclass guitars were too cheezy.

The guitar bodies are made out of basswood and the standard pickups are the S2, S1 and v8. It has a superwizard neck which makes it a dream to play

Later they come up with some anniversary models of the rg550. Colors in Yellow, Red, and black
the budget version of the rg550 is the rg350 that is available in the colors Yellow, black and white but with other pickups.